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  • Why is Best Pawn different from other pawn shops?
  • How can I be sure that I am not buying stolen merchandise?
  • Who are members of Best Pawn Management ?
  • Why can we sell jewelry at such low prices?
  • What if I want to take out a small loan but then decide I want more money for it later. Can I get more then?

Pawns & Layaways

  • What is a Pawn Loan?
  • What do we take as collateral for a loan?
  • Do you buy as well as loan money?
  • What are the charges for a collateral loan and how long does it stay as an active loan?
  • Can I pay part of what I owe for my loan and pay the rest later?
  • What do I need to get a loan?
  • Will my pawned item(s) be safe?
  • Do you mail reminder notices or call to remind when payment is due?
  • What if I forget about my loan and it is forfeited - Can I still get my merchandise back?
  • Do you offer guarantees on the merchandise you sell?
  • Do you offer lay-a-away?